This layer allows you to add annotations to your current visualization. To do this, you first need to create an empty layer that will contain these annotations.


Configure annotations in ZENPLOT®

Once an annotation layer has been created, you have the choice of annotating your visualization in several ways:

  • By adding a shape
  • By adding text
  • By adding an image

You can also easily duplicate or delete these annotations.

Customize annotations in ZENPLOT®

The following options are available for annotating your visualization:

Add Shape:

  • Rectangle:

    • Format tab
      • Position of the rectangle (center)
      • Length and Width of the rectangle
      • Rotation of the rectangle
    • Border tab
      • Border thickness
      • Border type
      • Border color
    • Color Tab
      • Fill color of rectangle
  • Circle / Ellipse:

    • Format tab
      • Position of circle / ellipse (center)
      • Length and width of the circle / ellipse
      • Rotation of circle / ellipse
    • Border tab
      • Border thickness
      • Border type
      • Border colo
    • Color tab
      • Fill color of circle / ellipse
  • Segment:

    • Format tab
      • Start of segment coordinates
      • End of segment coordinates
    • Line tab
      • Line thickness
      • Line type
      • Line color

Add text:

  • Format tab

    • Text position (top left corner)
    • Text font
    • Text size
    • Text color
  • Border tab

    • Border thickness
    • Border style
    • Border color
  • Color tab

    • Text fill color

Add an image:

  • Format tab
    • Image position (center)
    • Image length and width

Annotations allow you to create your own visualization, tailored to your needs.