The management of the axis is made throughout the entire visualization. Many options are available: to add a second axis to read, to personalize the titles, the grid, the graduations, etc.


Configure the axis of a visualization in ZENPLOT®

The following options are available at the same time for the x-axis and the y-axis

General tab:

  • Use a second axis
  • Axis bounds (Auto or choose)
  • Axis position

Grid tab:

  • Posting or not the grid
  • Thickness of the grid
  • Style of the grid
  • Grid color

Gradient tab:

  • Axis line tab
    • Display or not the line
    • Line thickness
    • Line type
    • Line color
  • Ticks tab
    • Display or not the ticks
    • Ticks thickness
    • Ticks type
    • Ticks color
    • Number of ticks (step between each graduation or number of graduations)

Text tab:

  • Titles tab
    • Display or not the titles
    • Titles alignment
    • Titles size
    • Titles typography
    • Titles color
  • Labels tab
    • Display or not of labels
    • Labels positioning
    • Labels rotation
    • Labels size
    • Labels typography
    • Labels color

Extensive axis customization allows you to create your own visualization, tailored to your needs.