Heat Map / 2D Surface

This layer allows you to add a heat map to your current visualization. This layer can also be used to draw 2D surfaces, or gridlines, which can be used as a background when performing a visualization.


Configure a heatmap in ZENPLOT®

In order to create a heatmap in ZENPLOT®, you need to enter:

  • The dataset you want to use
  • The variable corresponding to the coordinates of the abscissa of the cells(X)
  • The variable corresponding to the coordinates of the ordinates of the cells (Y)

The coordinates on the x-axis and on the y-axis can be qualitative or quantitative.

Customize a heat map in ZENPLOT®

You can easily customize:

  • The grid (thickness, type, color)
  • The color of the cells

In ZENPLOT®, you can choose two ways to customize the characteristic of an element:

By imposing a uniform style on all elements

In this case, all the cells on the layer will have the same color.

By binding the characteristic to a variable in the dataset

In this case, each cell of the layer will have a different color depending on the value it takes for the bound variable.

When binding to a qualitative variable, you must choose a color for each category of the variable.

When binding to a quantitative variable, you must define a minimum, median, and maximum value. A gradient is thus produced.

Ideas for visualizations with a heat map

Here are some ideas of visualizations in which you will use the Heat Map layer:

  • Scree plot
  • Heat Map
  • Preference mapping