This layer allows you to add an histogram to your current visualization. The entered quantitative variable is discretized. The height of each bar corresponds to the count of the number of observations belonging to each interval thus created.


Configure a histogram in ZENPLOT®

In order to create an histogram in ZENPLOT®, you need to enter:

  • The dataset you want to use
  • The reference variable to be discretized

The variable to be entered is inevitably quantitative.

Customize a histogram in ZENPLOT®

You can easily customize:

  • The border of the bars (thickness, type, color)
  • Bar color
  • Bar width

In ZENPLOT®, you can choose two ways to customize the characteristic of an element:

By imposing a uniform style on all the elements

In this case, all the histograms of the layer will have the same style applied for this characteristic (the same color, the same thickness, or the same type of line).

By binding the characteristic to a variable in the dataset

In this case, all the histograms of the layer will have a different style for this characteristic according to the value which they take for the dependent variable.

When binding to a qualitative variable, you must choose a style for each category of the variable.

When binding to a quantitative variable, you must define a minimum, median, and maximum value. A gradient is thus produced.