Create a project

This tutorial shows how to create a project in ZENPLOT®.

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To start creating a Project, you must click on the Add a Project button, from the Home page or the Project area.

1. Import a dataset

In order to create a Project, you need to import a first dataset. It is possible to add new datasets once the Project is created.

1.1 Select a file

The file to import must be in one of the following formats: .csv, .xls or .xlsx.

It can be dragged and dropped or selected by clicking the Select a file button.

Once the file has been selected, the continue button allows you to go to the next step.

Tutorial Project step 1

1.2 Configure the importation

A preview of the dataset is displayed for the first 10 rows. For each variable, it is possible to:

  • Delete the variable

  • Edit the type of the variable:

    • Observations: the variable corresponds to the names of the observations. The variable "Observations" is considered as a qualitative variable thereafter
    • Qualitative: the variable is qualitative
    • Quantitative: the variable is quantitative

The summary of the dataset is also available:

  • the total number of lines
  • the total number of columns

The following settings are available:

  • First row as header: Does the first line correspond to the name(s) of the variable(s)?
  • Encoding: it must be the same as the encoding of the file
  • Separator
  • Decimal separator
  • Quoting character

To see if you have chosen the right configuration for importing your data, click on Apply the settings.

This updates the preview and summary taking into account the current setting.

The Go back to the default settings button restores the default settings.

Once the upload is configured, the continue button allows you to go to the next step.

Tutorial Project step 2

1.3 Load the data

Loading may take a few minutes maximum, depending on the size of the dataset. Once the data are loaded, the continue allows you to complete the importation process.

Tutorial Project step 3

2. The Project

Once the Project is created, new options are available.

Import a new dataset

Each layer in a visualization can use a different dataset. To import a new dataset into the Project, click on the New dataset button at the bottom right of the screen.

Tutorial Project step 4

Rename the Project

The title of the Project is editable at the top of the screen

Tutorial Project step 5

Add a visualization

It is possible to add as many visualizations as necessary, and to navigate between these different visualizations.

Tutorial Project step 6

Save, Import, and Export a ZENPLOT® Project

A Project can be saved by clicking on the Save button at the top right of the screen. When opening ZENPLOT®, the saved Project is available in the dedicated space.

In order to exchange Projects with other ZENPLOT® users, you can:

  • Export a Project by clicking on File-Export a ZENPLOT® Project, a .zen file is then created
  • Import a Project by clicking on File-Import a ZENPLOT® Project

Tutorial Project step 7

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