Create a visualization

This tutorial shows how to create a visualization in ZENPLOT®.

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In ZENPLOT®, a visualization is built by stacking different layers.

8 layers are available in total.

To start creating a visualization, you must click on the Add a layer button, at the bottom right of the screen.

Tutorial Visualizations step 1

1. Different layers

Each layer will be linked to one dataset of the project.

There is a Tutorial for each layer available in ZENPLOT®:

Once created, each layer can be renamed, duplicated, or deleted.

2. Management of axis and legend

These options are set for the visualization and all the layers that compose it.

There is a Tutorial for each option:

3. Themes

You can also choose the theme of your visualization, by clicking on the Themes button.

There are 4 themes available in the application:

  • Zenplot
  • ggplot2(classic), the default theme of R's ggplot2 package
  • ggplot2(viridis), the same theme with the viridis color palette for quantitative variables
  • Seaborn, the default theme of Python's Seaborn library

Tutorial Visualizations step 2

However, you can customize all elements of your visualization.

It is possible to change the background color of a visualization, or to delete it, by clicking on the options button at the top left of the screen.

Tutorial Visualizations step 3

4. Exporting visualizations

Once your visualizations are done, you can export them into several formats (.SVG, .PNG) by clicking on the Export button at the top right of the screen

Tutorial Visualizations step 4